Silver & Gold Holiday Decor

Silver and Gold Tree

Holiday Pillows

White Glitter Tree

Glitter Squirrel

Silver and Gold Holiday Decor
The Holiday Season is already starting to get away from me this year. I started relatively early but with the kids school activities and my busy work schedule, one week into December and I’m finally finished.

Lately, I’ve really been missing the snow, so I decided to decorate my office space in silver, gold and white with lots of snowflakes and a woodsy theme. It sort of brings me back home and it’s a great compromise for my husband and kids since they are not willing to give up the traditional colorful Christmas.

The following are some of the items I used, including a few extras that weren’t photographed.

Six Tips on Building a Designer Home that Blends with Nature Contributed by Lindsay Lerable Design Review Board Manager Santa Lucia Preserve, a private community in Carmel, California, boasts one of the world’s most biodiverse 20,000 acres of permanently and privately protected California land, the size of Manhattan. The Preserve has only 300 homesites and constantly develops new methods of protecting flora, fauna and natural


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    I really love the silver and gold theme! I have always wanted color-coordinated holiday decor, but I haven’t gotten around to making it a reality in my home, yet!

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