Closet Oranization

Closet Organization

Here are a few gadgets that might make organizing a little easier.

Being a Stella and Dot stylist I’ve accumulated a few pieces of  jewelry over the years. A jewelry tree was a necessity in my world, I also have the stackable trays but I find that if it is not staring me in the face each morning it will sit in those trays for months. Every couple weeks I swap out a few bracelets and earrings so that everything gets fair use.  To add to my many fashion obsessions, perfume is also on that list. I have a serving tray that I use to set out all of my perfume and my watch and sunglasses occasionally are added to the mix. Last on my tools for organizing the master closet is a hook for all of those scarves. Yikes! How does one accumulate so many scarves especially living in a tropical environment. The storage of these scarves has changed over the years, I used to have them in a bin but again, if I don’t see it, I don’t use it. So hooks were the better option for me.

What are your unique ways of organizing the master closet clutter?

Master Bedroom Closet Organization {Part: 4}

I’ve arranged my everyday tank tops this way so that I can see right away what I have not to mention it’s very useful when I’m at Target thinking that I need more tanks. This is a visual reminder of what I already have color wise. You can see that I’ve duplicated quite a bit here so obviously this is due to the disorganized state my closet has been in over the last year.

You might think…wow she needs more sweaters. But I don’t, I live in a tropical environment and really don’t get to wear sweaters at all. So that is why I’ve chosen to place them on the top shelf of my closet. Occasionally I need to grab one so it is not to the point of reaching the donate pile just yet.

I love perfume! Since these are a part of my everyday, I have my perfume and sunglasses on the same shelf. This year it seems on top of my handbag obsession I’ve also developed an obsession with sunglasses. Ugh…it’s a never ending cycle. I need therapy. :)

A few clothes with the tags still on them.

Three bags for donations to United Cerebral Palsy!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing the Master Bedroom Closet Organization through to the end. I’ve already got several home projects in the making so check back often and share your organizational skills with me.

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Master Bedroom Closet Organization {Part 3: Shoes and Bags}

I’ve placed the clutches on an eye level shelf between my jewelry and scarves since a clutch is pretty much an accessory.

The crossbody bags and medium size every day bags are on a shelf just above the accessories within reach.

I’ve placed the larger bags and travel totes at the very top shelf to maximize space since I don’t use them often.

 I narrowed my shoe collection down dramatically…let’s just say under twenty..flip flops included in that number.

Tomorrow I will be posting the last part of my closet organization. Stop by and check it out!