Closet Oranization

Closet Organization

Here are a few gadgets that might make organizing a little easier.

Being a Stella and Dot stylist I’ve accumulated a few pieces of  jewelry over the years. A jewelry tree was a necessity in my world, I also have the stackable trays but I find that if it is not staring me in the face each morning it will sit in those trays for months. Every couple weeks I swap out a few bracelets and earrings so that everything gets fair use.  To add to my many fashion obsessions, perfume is also on that list. I have a serving tray that I use to set out all of my perfume and my watch and sunglasses occasionally are added to the mix. Last on my tools for organizing the master closet is a hook for all of those scarves. Yikes! How does one accumulate so many scarves especially living in a tropical environment. The storage of these scarves has changed over the years, I used to have them in a bin but again, if I don’t see it, I don’t use it. So hooks were the better option for me.

What are your unique ways of organizing the master closet clutter?

Master Bedroom Closet Organization {Part 3: Shoes and Bags}

I’ve placed the clutches on an eye level shelf between my jewelry and scarves since a clutch is pretty much an accessory.

The crossbody bags and medium size every day bags are on a shelf just above the accessories within reach.

I’ve placed the larger bags and travel totes at the very top shelf to maximize space since I don’t use them often.

 I narrowed my shoe collection down dramatically…let’s just say under twenty..flip flops included in that number.

Tomorrow I will be posting the last part of my closet organization. Stop by and check it out!

Master Bedroom Closet Organization {Part 2: Jewelry}

This is an area I was unable to purge as much as I should have.

  •  Unfortunately I don’t have forms for all of my statement jewelry. However, I wouldn’t have the space even if I did.  I use hooks for the lighter pieces and anything heavier I’ve placed in the flat jewelry displays shown below.  The plastic bins are used for bracelets, rings and other random jewelry.
  • Being a Stella and Dot stylist I purchased the showcase boxes (shown in picture 2) which makes it very convenient to store your jewelry, especially the coordinating pieces.
  • The bird dish from Pottery Barn is where I keep all of the jewelry I wear regularly like my watch, a favorite ring and bracelet. Yes, I do wear that orange bracelet nearly every day.
  • For my longer necklaces I have used the hooks again. This keeps them from turning into a tangled mess.
  • I’ve gently rolled each of the scarves and placed them in this container purchased from Target.

Later today I’ll be posting about the bags and shoes.